Alice Sheppard Fidler Bags 2.JPG

I here to take the delivery

Alice Sheppard Fidler Bags 2.JPG

iā€™m here to take the delivery

studio installation view

recycled jiffy bags, ink, sand
25cm x length on going

 By keeping the materials components of this piece simple, the work is moveable and can easily be packed away. It can be adapted, added to and re formed according to the space it will occupy. In its present state it consists of 23 bags.

On one level this work is about hyper-consumption. It looks at over packaging and waste, and questions our relentless desire to have anything we want whenever we want it.

 On another, it is about loss, which is made apparent when the post keeps arriving for someone who is not there. Despite their absence they continue to consume remotely.

The threshold therefore is not just a place for material transactions but emotional ones also. It is also a time and place of reckoning. 

The black sand bags stand in defense, yet their seams are weak. These silent groupings gathered together are reminders that tenderness and connectivity are sacred in these unstable times.