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Foam carpet underlay made from recycled plastic, timber support, clips, sash cord, two steel frame stackable side chairs, dust from hoover bag

300 x 600 x 400cm

Duplex describes the space we inhabit today, an architecturally abstract space in which we identify with two cultures, that of on and off line as we become digital by default. Our thoughts, feelings, worries and desires appear to belong in ‘real life’ yet shift between both states as we navigate the terms of our lives, that of privacy, security and most importantly, identity. Humans are cultural beings, as we identify with both these cultural systems we receive conflicting messages and we cannot ignore or escape from the conflicts caused by identifying with them. This results in a cultural double bind.

Set as a scene, with the chairs as stand-ins, Duplex is an installation that appears to take up space yet is flimsy and simple in structure, it is there and not there at the same time. Paths and doorways allude to action yet it is not clear what the action is or when the action is taking place. Dust on the chairs signals to a past event, a ruin or human remains yet the material and scale of the overall piece invites participation from the viewer now.